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The Light in Everything

The Light in Everything

The light in the darkness; the hope in new life; the quiet sustaining unseen. 

The solstice reminds us of the predictable returns of the seasons; Christmas offers us again that surprises arise in unexpected places to change the world; at Hanukah, we remember that when all seems lost, there is always the possibility of a miracle.  Yes, this is the season of some of our deepest stories.  In Hawai'i the celebration includes the winter reign of the Kumu of peace; in the pagan realms, the ivy king triumphs again over the holly king; inside the arctic circle the Norse celebrate the infamous flying reindeer under the dancing Nothern Lights.   At this time of year, we ritualize.  At our house it's cooking and singing and setting the table...we'll hike later today.  It's good to gather.

May you hold yourself in reverence, also, and enjoy these moments.  Remember that you are light and vibration, particle and wave, shadow and highlight, as big as the stars and as tiny as the atoms. What infinite grace to be alive and have this chance to taste and touch and feel so much! As the great Ram Dass, who just died yesterday, offered us:  love all, serve all, remember who you are. 

Happy winter holidays beautiful women, no matter where you are or who you are with, from our company and our family to yours. 

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