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The Story Behind Anoint: Nourishing Body Oil

The Story Behind Anoint: Nourishing Body Oil

Hi everyone, 

We are happy to announce the arrival of Anoint, our new all-over body oil. Everything I know and love about body and massage oils was invested in defining the texture and hand feel of this new treatment. Francesca (our chemist) and I identified a variety of naturally derived, organic ingredients that nourish the body and address common skin concerns. We would like to see it used for daily body massage, and especially to facilitate the massage of scar tissue. 

Anoint contains the wonderful skin adaptogen Schisandra Chinensis, which improves resilience, elasticity and firmness, as well as Centella Asiatica, which helps with collagen synthesis, burns, scars, and stretchmarks. Studies of these ingredients  support their anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial benefits. Combined with a variety of other beneficial herbs in lovely, organic oil base, Anoint is perfect for self-massage, or for the loving touch of another. 

Why Call It Anoint?
One morning, trekking through a small Nepali village, I greeted several mothers who were sitting on the packed-earth steps outside their homes. Each was holding a naked baby or a small child, and massaging it from head to toe with oil. The babies cooed with pleasure. The image stayed with me, partly because the casual ritual seemed so similar to ones I’d seen being performed at weddings, in worship with embodiments of gods and goddesses, and at other ceremonies. These women were not just applying oil—they were blessing with touch, and transmitting a message of love, respect, and communion. They were nourishing a connection. To nourish in this way is the essence of anointing. 

The Commitment to Body Love
I invite you to commit to 6-8 weeks of a practice of daily self-anointment. Why this long? Because a) I want you to see the improvements in skin resiliency and elasticity mentioned above, and b) I want you to do it with an affirmation practice, and to see how verbally offering praise and self-love shifts the interior life over a period of dedicated time.  

After bathing, in the morning, start at your toes and give yourself a reverent foot-to-crown self-massage. I’ve made a little self-love meditation for you to listen to here (link) in case you need a little help. Ideally, though, this meditation will be in your own voice, using your own words.

Our skin is by far our largest organ, with the miraculous ability to absorb sunlight, moisture, essential oils, balms, and even vitamins. We have the ability to nourish (or harm, so only use pure products!) our skin directly through the unguents we apply. To anoint ourselves (and our babies, and our lovers) shows a high form of reverence for life.  

Clean & conscious beauty; targeted, effective solutions; timeless presentation; reverence: these are our hallmarks, and the quality (qualities?) we want to offer all of you. 

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Anoint: Nourishing Body Oil Anoint: Nourishing Body Oil
Anoint: Nourishing Body Oil
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