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Rosebud Woman In Oprah: Sex Over 50

Rosebud Woman In Oprah: Sex Over 50

April 3, 2019

Thank you to The Oprah Magazine for mentioning Rosebud Woman in this great article, 
"What You Need to Know About Sex After 50".

From the article:
You know the term use it or lose it? You can literally apply it to sex after menopause. “Loss of estrogen causes the vagina to dry up, leading to atrophy and painful sex,” says Alexandra Fine (CEO of Dame Products). But, there’s a bright side: Sex (including internal masturbation) will keep the delicate tissues of the vagina moist and supple. The more sex you have, the more moist you stay. But if that’s not doing the trick, a natural, water-based lubricant is always helpful. Fine recommends Rosebud's Honor Balm."

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