Life in Cycles

by Rosebud Woman

on August 09, 2018

Women’s physical lives (when honored and intact) are cyclical and in harmony with nature. She runs on the schedule of the moons and seasons. In all of her cycles, there is a building, a cresting, a fading and a stillness: her life’s reproductive cycle, her monthly reproductive cycle, the wave and crest of her sexual experience, the wave and crest of her bearing, the alignment of the body with seasonal cycles.

The dominant culture of assembly lines, clock time and digital life generally override natural rhythms, and can interfere with these cycles. Our skin is not the same depending on where you are in your cycles, but a linear manufacturing culture, run on a more linear assumption base, will try to keep you static because it’s easier to make and sell things to meet a static need.  A cyclical life is more subtle and has more nuance.

Those of us who have jobs and families and live and love in the material world can’t exactly run our lives on these cycles. But we might be able to make minor adjustments that tune us in more with the underlying reality of these cycles.  We might make the first day or two of our moon time much less active, and more introspective, taking some extra time for self care on those days. We might make our peak fertility days of the month the deliberate time for being out in the world playing and adventuring. We might relearn the traditional cycles of a woman’s life, from girl (prepubescent), to maiden (pubescent but not a mother), to matron (mother) to crone (when the last child is grown)… and create graduations honoring these stages in ourselves and others. Many cultures mark these milestones, but not many people in the west do that.

What wants to be born now?