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rosebud woman - guest post - being adored

Guest Post: Being Adored (and Ritual of Adoration Guidebook) from Lillie Claire Love

For Valentine's Day, we are happy to offer you this free pdf on Adoration Rituals from Rosebud Woman brand ambassador Lillie Claire Love. Let us know how it goes! Tag @rosebudwoman and mention #ritualofadoration on IG with your story between now and February 14th to be entered to win one of our new and amazing ritual candles. Get the Free Guidebook: The Ritual of Adoration from Lillie here. - XO, Christine and Team 

From Lille and Josh: 

Deep down we all long to feel adored. I mean TRULY adored. To be held in the unwavering presence of one who loves us and sees our beauty. To be lavished with exquisite care and open-handed generosity.

If you are someone who frequently (or even occasionally!) has that experience, please take a moment to savor your blessings, and count yourself among the few and fortunate. And if you are among the majority who receives little to no exquisite adoration (regardless of relationship status), then I have some good news and some uncomfortable news for you...

The good news first: You are sooo worthy of adoration. And it CAN be cultivated in your life! The part nobody wants to hear: You can’t get true adoration. You can’t force it, buy it, demand it, or beg for it. You can’t barter for it, withhold your inconvenient truth for it, or shame someone into giving it to you. But you can give it. And you can ask for it. Clearly and concretely.

And you must be willing to actually  R E C E I V E  the adoration you long for.

How’s that for vulnerable?

If you notice a familiar voice of despair coming up as you read, please slow down and take a breath with her. You are so not alone in that doubt. I promise there is a way that leads from right where you are now, to the adoration your heart and your body long for.

We have led thousands of women and men deeper into their innate capacity to give and receive the unparalleled nourishment of exquisite adoration.

Are you willing to risk that much vulnerability to receive that kind of love? It doesn’t matter whether you are happily alone, desperately alone, happily partnered or desperately partnered. Any way you slice it the journey starts... within. It starts by declaring, out loud: “I am worthy of adoration!” Because you are. Just as you are. No penitence required and no makeup necessary.

Your lurking sense of unworthiness is THE most important stumbling block on this path of adoration. And even if you ask someone to show you adoration and they are unwilling (have mercy on their soul), you are still worthy and capable of adoring yourself. What we have seen is that almost everyone we work with has resistance to just receiving.  

Welcome to the Nourishment of Adoration.

RECEIVE our FREE 30 Page Ritual of Adoration Guidebook HERE.



Lillie Claire Love and Joshua Hathaway