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Episode #49: Rituals for Self Protection with Maria Haddad

Episode #49: Rituals for Self Protection with Maria Haddad

Today, Christine is joined by artist, designer, writer, and herbalist Maria Haddad to talk about rituals for self-protection and how we can keep ourselves centered and grounded.

 Maria turned to writing during the Covid Pandemic to help her feel more deeply into her heart and process the enormity of her experiences. She published her first book, titled Jasmine Water: A book about love, healing, and spiritual awakening. The book captures the beauty and emotional complexity of a human being on the path towards self-awakening and a greater capacity for love. Today she is continuing her spiritual and creative education as she studies for her Masters in Spiritual Science and learns to spend her time connecting with nature, expressing creatively, and learning to move through life with grace

  In this episode, we cover:

  • Why do we need self-protection?
  • Maria’s journey on healing
  • What does energy hygiene mean?
  • Some examples of rituals for self-protection
  • Smudging and cleansing


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