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Ritual Travel Kit

Ritual Travel Kit

A travel size set of each of our 4 flagship products in a sweet linen pouch, for you to try at home.

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Honor: Everyday Balm for moisturizing, conditioning, caring for sensitive tissues.

Arouse: Stimulating Serum for tingling and plumping

Soothe: Calming Cream for reducing swelling, irritation and redness

Refresh: Cleansing Spray for toning, cleansing and neutralizing

Great for:

A beautiful, memorable exquisitely crafted gift for any woman.

“Your products are divine!! Love every one of them. The ultimate in feminine care, I will definitely continue using. Amazing, sisters, truly amazing.”

- Keherjeet Kaur

“I love the Honor balm, love the scent!  And I really appreciate the graceful honoring of our female body the product inspires. My daughter wants to take it from me! She loves the arousal so far – she tried it on her lips as suggested."

- Claire Victor

“I had discomfort for 20 years before finding Honor- I tried everything under the sun for dryness. This is a complete blessing.”

- Sue Findley

“An absolutely luscious feeling!”

- Lorna Jensen

“The first products that made me feel like I was consciously taking care of this part of me.”

- Avery Wall