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100 ml


Anoint, our new all-over body oil, is filled with naturally derives, organic ingredients that nourish all the skin on the body. This delicious and rich formulation contains the happy skin adaptogen Schisandra Chinensis, which improves resilience, elasticity and firmness, as well as Centella Asiatica, which helps with collagen synthesis, burns, scars and stretchmarks, and has ingredient studies to support anti wrinkle, anti acne, anti inflammatory, and anti-bacterial benefits. These, along with a variety of beneficial herbs, are contained in lovely, organic oil base, perfect for self massage, or loving touch of another.

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Some suggestions about how to use Anoint: As a reverent toes-up self massage in the morning; as a pelvic or perineal massage for expecting mothers; or for a sensuous exchange with a lover. For more ideas get a copy of our book, The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self.

Our skin is by far our largest organ, with the miraculous ability to absorb sunlight, moisture, essential oils, balms, and even vitamins. Although we may not do as often as we like, we have the ability to nourish our skin directly through the unguents we apply. To anoint ourselves (and our babies, and our lovers) this way is a high form of reverence.