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Announcing Rosebud Rewards, Our Loyalty Program

Announcing Rosebud Rewards, Our Loyalty Program

Referrals and Loyalty Benefits for All Our Customers Begin Today

We know you love our products, because we see your reviews- and we also know that for a lot of women, price is a concern. Did you know that, like many companies that work online, our biggest expenses are Facebook and Google advertising? As much as we love them for connecting us with new customers, we give an immense portion of our sales to them, which in turn boosts prices for everyone. We’d much rather that money stayed in the hands of our customers and community members, women like you.

So, we partnered with Swell to create a loyalty and referral program that gives you rewards and allows you to extend those to other people you think would love Rosebud Woman. 

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Rosebud Rewards.

Gift and Get: Refer a friend, and they will receive $15 for purchases of $100 or more and you will receive $15 worth of rewards points.  

Points for Engagement: Do surveys, join the community, engage in conversations, join our YouTube channel, help others out in the Facebook group? Earn points for all these things, as well as purchases.

Points Just for Joining: Receive points as a sign-on bonus.

If you created an account at checkout during a prior purchase, you're automatically enrolled. If you didn't create an account, you can create one now, and receive 50 points just for joining.

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