Nicole Jardim - The Period Girl says:

“If you have a vagina- or vulva- you simply must try this incredible line of intimate skincare products! Add the honor everyday balm to your regular skincare routine and use the soothe calming cream for any kind of irritation or swelling. The wipes are great for general every day use in between workouts or on travel days. These products use super high quality ingredients and they smell so good!”

The Difference in Skin

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Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CCN, PT, Founder and CEO says:

"Rosebud honor is my #1 most recommended vulvar-vaginal moisturizer for my clients with vaginal dryness, usually either in postpartum or perimenopause. It's my personal favorite moisturizer and lubricant. I like that it has a clean texture - not sticky! It's made with ingredients that are not hormone disrupting. And, it has a gentle scent. it's not too perfume-y. I use it myself, and can't recommend it enough!"

Cultural context impacts women's sexual wellness

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Body mind connection and wellness

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What OBGYN's are saying about RoseBud Woman

Liz Janowski, CEO Sonata Aesthetics

“We've found the Honor balm to be an excellent product that supports the wellness of our female clientele. It supports vaginal health and tissue regeneration in a soothing and beautiful formulation that is good for all skin types. We have used it in conjunction with non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Patients report to us improvement in vaginal lubrication and an overall increased satisfaction with their intimate areas.”

Dr. Sallie Sarrell, PT, ATC, DPT

“I had an unfortunate and unexpected surgical complication this spring with was surgical menopause. I’m so glad I had the honor balm because while my estrogen levels were building from the bioidenticals the balm helped prevent a lot of dryness issues. It’s a great product.”

Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CCN, PT, Founder and CEO

“Rosebud Woman products are very clean. I feel confident recommending them to my patients. I use them myself. I particularly like the Honor and Soothe—the one that’s a little calming for any type of minor vaginal irritation. Because sometimes in healthcare, we jump to the most intense solution—like giving someone vaginal estrogen, or lidocaine, or something that’s more intense than necessary. That can either tip the balance of the microbiota, so someone goes from being irritated to having zero sensation at all.”

Sophie Ulliano, NYT Bestselling Author, Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist

“Rosebud Woman products fills a need for my specific audience: Women who want to practice intimate self-care without the toxic chemicals, or shame! I love the Honor Balm. It sits in my nightstand drawer at all times. It’s a gentle, sensual balm, which I love. And it’s multi-functional! It can be used on cuticles, heels, and any parts of the body that need some mega TLC.”

Jenny Archer PT, DPT, COMT Archer Physical Therapy

“I love Rosebud Honor Balm. I started using this product 3 months postpartum and immediately noticed improvement in dryness and sensitivity. I'm also a pelvic health physical therapist and after my great results I shared it with a few patients. My menopausal patients have said it's relieved vulvar burning and irritation they've had for years which allowed one to get off of her hormonal cream. My postpartum patients notice the same improvements that I did. I like knowing that the ingredients are safe but still effective for this patient population and I'm happy to share this product with patients, friends, and family.”

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