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  • Honor Everyday Balm
  • Honor Everyday Balm
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  • Honor Everyday Balm

Honor Everyday Balm

50ml / 1.7 oz.

This gynecologist-tested, hormone-free intimate moisturizer helps hydrate, condition, and replenish intimate skin with support from ingredients like bisabolol, an extract of German chamomile, known for its skin healing, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. White Meadowfoam helps relieve the vulvar dryness that often arises from pregnancy, peri-menopause, menopause, and other hormonal changes.

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honor helps to

improve hydration, suppleness, youthful texture, lubrication, rebuilding and repairing

In the jar, Honor is a thick, translucent unguent, and when placed on the skin it dissolves quickly into a luscious oil, with 10 to 15 minutes of "play time". Honor has a tender scent and a great texture. Our full-size jar is generously sized and meant to be used every day. Full sized jars often last 90 days with typical use.

Excellent for pre and post natal care of the perineum and labia. Excellent for daily self massage. Excellent for menopausal skin.

how to use your Honor Everyday Balm

Scoop out a small amount with clean, dry fingers and massage into vulvar skin (includes inner and/or outer labia). Use daily for hydration or anytime you need relief from vaginal dryness or discomfort. We recommend that it's kept on the nightstand or bedside table, and used before bed as a self-care ritual: Massage yourself starting at the hip bones, working into the pressure points on the pubic bone, the inner thigh, and the groin, then onto the inner and outer labia and, finally, the inner fold including the clitoris. This is a great time for a little loving affirmation, too! Leave the balm on, allowing its active plant ingredients to work overnight.

formulated for your body

Maintaining healthy and supple tissue over time requires loving, reverent attention to our skin’s evolving needs. Key ingredients include Bisabolol, an extract of chamomile, that has had some great studies on its effectiveness in supporting lax and thin tissues, and other ingredients that help with skin repair. Honor was formulated with an ultra-emollient texture. Honor’s plant ingredients help to repair, hydrate, and rebuild buoyancy.

featured ingredients

Honor features a patented complex of bisabolol (extracted from chamomile), ginger extract and phytosterols which together form a skin barrier strengthening complex. This mimics key components of the body’s own barrier lipids. When applied, these ingredients help to quickly restore the barrier integrity, accelerate recovery, strengthen skin, protect against moisture loss and dryness, improve already dry skin, reduce redness, and scavenge radicals. This ingredient group has triple anti-irritant efficacy, and inhibits IL-1α, Tnf α, CoX-2 and PGE2.

frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Our organic plant-based balm is great for a number of uses including but not limited to scar treatment, pre & post-natal, everyday hydration, and much more.
Honor balm can be used at any time of day, but we find it’s a great night time self-care ritual before bed.
The Honor Everyday Balm generally lasts about 90 days or longer- likely less than $1 day if you are using it regularly. A little goes a very long way. After just a few days of usage, most women experience significant relief from dryness and discomfort.
Yes, the Honor Everyday Balm is 100% hormone free and is all natural, as are all of the Rosebud products.
The Honor Everyday Balm is not compatible with condoms because it is an oil-based product and oil breaks down condoms, thus decreasing the effectiveness.
Yes! It is great for rebuilding and repairing thinning skin in the vaginal wall.
If you have a known allergy to any specific plant, please make sure it's not in the ingredients (all are published on the site on the ingredients tab on each product). In the first ten thousand users, we've had two reports of sensitivity. Please try the travel kit if you're worried about a reaction and test it on your inner elbow, inner wrist or the back of the knee, which have the most sensitivity.
All of our products are plant-based and have no hormone-disrupting ingredients. As we aren't a medical company or health practitioners, we cannot advise on the use for pregnancy specifically but do recommend checking the ingredients as we're fully transparent. The ingredients, in general, are great for reducing inflammation, redness, itchiness with peppermint, lavender, arnica, comfrey, calendula, and more! Our customers love using Honor on their growing bellies as well - check out more Rosebud prenatal/postpartum products!
While the Honor Balm wasn't made to be a lubricant, it works amazingly well as one. That's another added benefit of our favorite product. Our 3-in-1 stimulating serum is also a great product to use for lubrication.