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One Heart Worldwide: Focus on Saving Mother's Lives

One Heart Worldwide: Focus on Saving Mother's Lives

Can you believe that dying in childbirth is still a thing? At a time in history,  where we can land rockets on passing asteroids, women still die due to lack of support at birth. That, to our mind, is a sign of the devaluing of human life. But there are people and organizations all over the world who work tirelessly to reduce the incidence of maternal death.

One Heart Worldwide is among them.

We met Arlene Samen, the founder of One Heart Worldwide, in 2010. She's a former neonatal Intensive Care nurse, who was given a mission by the Dalai Lama to save women's lives. Which is exactly what her organization has done. One Heart provides safe birth kits and birth education to women and communities in Nepal.

Rosebud Woman's Reverence Fund has selected One Heart as a giving partner.


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