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Quarter's End: Welcoming New Retailers, The Community Grows.

Quarter's End: Welcoming New Retailers, The Community Grows.

Today is the end of the 1st quarter of 2019. It's not a big official holiday, yet for women who work in business, the quarter's end matters. It also fits to the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and like all equinoxes and solstices, can serve as a good reminder to step back and check-in on what's working and what's not. Where do things really stand? Am I putting my time, attention and resources in the direction of things that I have said matter to me? Are my relationships healthy and happy? If I've been staying relatively current, this check-in shouldn't result in dramatic changes, but rather in subtle adjustments in course.

So, this is a long lead in to: thank you, thank you, thank you! This quarter, we've been out in the world talking self love, the power in the pelvis, the U spot, no more shame, taking care of the whole body- in short, talking about life in the female form. It's been a whirlwind. And, WOW, have you responded! In the last month, we have welcomed more than a dozen new retailers to the Rosebud Woman family, including Shen Beauty, The Detox Market, Well, Free People, Thrive, Take Care Apothecary- and many of the world's top spas, such as Canyon Ranch, Waldorf Astoria and Calamigos Guest Ranch. If you want to try our products in person, you can find our retail partners in our new Store Locator. The other place you can find them is in the hands of our 100+ amazing ambassadors (who are doctors, sex therapists, dating coaches, women's empowerment counselors and more- all working to bring their clients into the fullest expression of themselves. Look for the ambassador directory in the coming weeks, and if you are in a health or services business that helps women, consider applying to be an ambassador.

Next week, we're back to our interview and article format. This week, please accept my thanks: thank you for being open to our message, thank you for believing in us. Our entire team is grateful.