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Rosebud Woman Launches Intimate Skincare Line, Emphasizing Reverence for the Feminine

Rosebud Woman Launches Intimate Skincare Line, Emphasizing Reverence for the Feminine

LOS ANGELES, CA. – October 18, 2018 – In response to women’s often neglected needs, a group of women, naturalists and physicians has created Rosebud Woman™: a line of luxury plant-based self-care and skincare products for the external vaginal area, the most permeable and sensitive skin on the body.

Women invest a lot in care for their facial skin, but do little to care for the skin around the vaginal area. Yet 58% of women 25 and older report one or more challenges in this area, including dryness, skin laxity, swelling, and irritation among their main concerns. Until the launch of Rosebud Woman, intimate care products have been relegated to the sexual or reproductive theater, or medicalized. General care has been neglected.

“In creating this line, I wanted to take a woman into a reverent connection with her body: When we accept and care for all of ourselves, love and respect follow. That ripples out into other areas of our lives. By offering effective plant ingredients, health and wellness information, community and ritual, we honor the unique needs of a woman’s body and begin a new narrative around the biology of womanhood.”- Christine Marie Mason, Founder

Rosebud Woman has developed four launch formulations aimed to bring joy and pleasure, and to reduce discomfort. For skin texture and general vibrancy, the company recommends Honor: Daily Balm, which moisturizes, conditions and replenishes the skin. For swelling, redness, and irritation, Rosebud Woman offers Soothe: Calming Cream. While the best way to clean the vaginal area is with warm water, the company offers Refresh: Cleansing Spray – a gentle but effective leave-on cleanser—for after- exercise, toileting or on the go. Arouse: Stimulating Serum is an energizing treatment that plumps and tingles, bringing fullness to the skin’s surface. Our formulations are based on consultations with experts worldwide, and are drawn from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Northern European and American herbalists, medical doctors in the United States, and top holistic skincare veterans. Rosebud Woman™ has created these products to be safe for use on a woman’s most intimate body areas. The company practices full ingredient transparency, and offers an educational primer on all ingredients.

Rosebud Woman has a social mission as well. Mason says, “While we’re working on reverence for the self, we also think about the way the world today doesn’t support the basic needs of women and girls. A world that reveres the feminine would look a lot different than the one we have now. We created a “Reverence Fund” to support and raise awareness about maternal health, domestic violence abatement, and economic empowerment. When you buy Rosebud Woman products you are not only honoring and caring for yourself and your loved ones, you are supporting reverence for the feminine worldwide.” Funded partners include Mama Hope, La Casa, and One Heart Worldwide.

Women interested in becoming acquainted with the brand can purchase the Rosebud Woman™ Travel Set, featuring a trial size version of each formula for $28. The kits can be purchased on the website at


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