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Travel Samples Sent to Our Early Supporters

Travel Samples Sent to Our Early Supporters

Dear Friends,

Today, we mailed out Rosebud Woman travel kits to our prelaunch requesters.

Rosebud Woman has been a dream for me,  and I have a dream team around me that’s bringing it to fruition: wise formulators, exquisite designers and committed operators. They are all people who care deeply about dignity and reverence, joy and pleasure, healing and justice. We all thank you for supporting our launch!

Rosebud Woman is the world’s first luxury skincare line for a woman’s most intimate parts. In the coming months, we’ll be hosting events and sampling around the US.  Check out our events here, or invite us to your town. We’re also looking for select affiliates and ambassadors to amplify the mission.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback. Please get in touch, and please share Rosebud Woman with friends and family.

In deep appreciation for your support.


Christine Marie Mason, Founder and CEO
Rosebud Woman

Instagram: @RosebudWoman