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Vulvar Care Goes Carbon Neutral

Vulvar Care Goes Carbon Neutral

Los Angeles, CA- Beginning this fall, women can feel even better about honoring their intimate anatomy.

Rosebud Woman, one of the world’s premier makers of intimate skin care products for women, is delighted to announce a partnership with Cooler—a company whose software instantly calculates and neutralizes the carbon footprint of any product or service. 

“Cooler measures the carbon impact of our entire product line,” says Rosebud Woman founder Christine Marie Mason, “from how we source our ingredients and packaging, to how we ship products.” 

Knowing the footprint of its products enables Rosebud Woman to eliminate an equivalent amount of greenhouse gasses, making every customer purchase carbon-neutral. Through Cooler, Rosebud Woman is buying permits away from polluters and preventing a certifiable amount of pollution from entering the atmosphere. Cooler’s groundbreaking approach eliminates emissions in real-time, and invests instead in job creation, energy efficiency, and conservation projects. “Rosebud Woman’s customers can be sure that what they buy is part of the solution because our approach shuts down polluters and drives investment in cleaner, greener ways of living,” says Michel Gelobter, CEO and co-founder of Cooler.

“This is absolutely vital,” Mason says, “because we believe that we are nature. We are the planet. And our activities are an integral part of how we create a more harmonious ecosystem that includes the natural world, humans, and the things we make and buy. Individuals have two great levers on climate: how they vote, and how they shop. For them to be able to make the right choice when they shop, the sort of information we’re now providing with Cooler must be available and credible.”

Cooler was founded by Gelobter and Jonathan Dorn, the longtime editor of Backpacker Magazine and other outdoor brands. Together, the team they’ve assembled has decades of experience helping companies like Walmart and eBay be more sustainable. And now Rosebud Woman is leading a new wave of climate-minded brands who are taking concrete action with their customers.

“This collaboration will stand with the other commitments to sustainability that we have made from the outset,” affirms Mason. “These include Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, organic sourcing, and green energy. Protecting our planet is up to all of us. We hope this new partnership will help our community members feel even more confident about shopping with Rosebud Woman. We see this as another step towards harmony between businesses, makers, workers, citizens, and all of nature.” 

For a more in-depth exploration of the topic, please join Michel Gelobter and Christine Marie Mason in a discussion of carbon neutrality and climate justice on the rose woman podcast. For more information about Rosebud Woman products and Cooler, please visit and