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Women's Health 40+ Innovation Summit

Women's Health 40+ Innovation Summit

On June, 22nd and 23rd, Kisaco Research hosted a Women's Health Innovation Summit

In this excerpt, Christine Marie Mason, Founder of Rosebud Woman responds to the impact of trauma and culture on women's health. 

You can watch the whole panel discussion and hear from the following experts leading innovation in this space.

Christine Marie Mason, Founder, CEO of Rosebud Woman

Dr. Barb Depree, MD & Founder of MiddlesexMD and Director of the Women’s Midlife Services at Holland Hospital and member of NAMS, ACOG, and ISSWSH

Colette Courtion, CEO, Joylux

Dr. Robyn Faye, She is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and a fellow with the International Society for Women's Sexual Health

Rachel Braun Scherl, CEO of Spark Solutions for Growth


Thank you to Kisaco Research for hosting this event and prioritizing health for women 40+.

You can register here for the September event where our Founder, Christine Marie Mason will be giving a keynote. 


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