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Ostara Rituals by Four Corner Studios & Mallory Leone

Ostara Spell for Rebirth from Four Corners Studio

 A feature from Four Corners Studio

Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox, is the perfect balance of day and night, light and shadow. This kind of equilibrium comes just twice per year – falling between March 20-23 in the Northern Hemisphere and September 20-23 in the Southern Hemisphere – and reminding us of the magic of balance.

But even though balance is possible, it’s not necessarily sustainable. The Wheel of the Year is always spinning, favoring long, sweaty days lush with greenery and days when it all dies away, leaving us to contemplate the cold.

There’s so much to glean from nature, so much to learn from realizing that we’re not just witnessing these sacred cycles, we’re a part of them. 

Our bodies, our minds are nature itself, subject to all of the shifts and changes, death and rebirth, masculine, feminine, and everything in between. 

Ostara is a beautiful day to act like spring itself. Slow and deliberate, nourished by the earth, allowing the old to die away and make room and nourishment for the new.

That could look like a long hike in the woods at dusk…

Cleaning your closets and dusting away what’s left of winter…

Writing a list of things that you’re looking forward to this summer.

Writing one last love letter you’ll never send. Closing the books on the year behind you.

Aries Season and The Magic of Spring

Because part of the magic of Ostara is that it also ushers in the first sign of the zodiac: Aries. If January first never felt like much of a fresh start to you, that’s probably because real energetic shifts begin in spring, when the world is in bloom.

Aries’ fire is a much-welcome spark after swimming the depths of Pisces season and the perfect time to start fresh.

Use this fire to your advantage… despite any retrogrades or eclipses. Aries energy teaches us who we really are and what we really want without shame or hesitation. It’s the sign of I AM, of stepping forward boldly even if you don’t know what you’re doing or have all of the details worked out. 

My personal spellwork has shifted so much over the years. It’s become a space for me to heal my energy, to release, and to receive a lot of messages. (If you’re curious how I do this, I highly recommend checking out Four Corners Academy) 

The other night, as I sat in ceremony (in a love spell of all things), I was shown this spell for transformation and rebirth. I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of avatars, and while I’ve done a lot of work to release and bury old parts of myself, this felt like a good time to really say goodbye to the entirety of who I used to be. 

I know how scary that can be, but not to worry – your old selves are always there for you to access and ask questions to. They’re just energetically on a different plane, so you don’t have to identify with them anymore. Just love them and consult them when needed. 

In the Rebirth Spell below, you’ll be asked to summon your old self, give her a name, and finally put her to rest. Then witness over the coming days, weeks and months as your new self emerges and takes the stage. Enjoy.

As for the below altar and spells, please feel free to do these anytime you feel the call of rebirth. No need to only practice these energetics during Ostara.

To continue learning about Ostara and how to build an Ostara Altar, visit Four Corners Studio.