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releasing the heavy weight of judgement by rosebud woman

Releasing the Heavy Weight of Judgement. The Wisdom of Discernment.

Judging others (or even ourselves) contracts us, closes us off, and separates us from others. Nothing grows or thrives under a judging eye. Passing judgment on someone or something creates constriction in the body. It can feel like a knot in the stomach, a tightening in the chest, or a subtle overall tension. It often has a vague feeling of smugness, superiority, or righteousness. And the world doesn’t need more of that. 

Why do we judge in the first place? At the heart of judgment is often our values and identity- we often evaluate actions or behaviors based on these values. Our values are the lens through which we see the world.

But not all values are inherently our own. Some are inherited from the tribes and collectives we belong to—our families, cultures, or societies. These external influences can sometimes overshadow our authentic values.  It's crucial to discern which values truly resonate with our core selves and which have been imposed upon us- and to recognize that other people have been raised with different values and that it's just as hard for others to step out of their conditioning as it is for us. The more confident we are in our true values and see them as personal, not culturally absolute, the less we need to judge others- we can let them be themselves.  And don’t be afraid of changing “your” values. Sometimes, tribal identities can imprison us and cause suffering. Some of us have ingested values that don’t feel right in our hearts.  What was once considered fixed or firm in our beliefs can shift.

In place of judgment, we can invite discernment into our lives. You see clearly but you don't make others wrong. Discernment can guide our choices, without the weight of criticism or condemnation. 

Here's to replacing the heavy weight of judgment with discernment and love.

To having kinder eyes.



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