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Sex After Menopause

Sex After Menopause

Sex After Menopause

Menopause is a transition every woman goes through sooner or later. During menopause many women find that their sex drive is greatly affected. There is no shame accompanying a lowered sex drive, but here are some tips on how to have pleasurable sex and regain your sex drive during and after menopause. 

What Changes With Sex During Menopause?

When women go through menopause, estrogen and testosterone levels are lowered. As these hormone levels decrease, sex drive typically follows suit. You may experience trouble becoming aroused as easily as you might have before menopause. 

Menopause also reduces blood flow to your vagina. This causes sensitivity levels in your vaginal area to decrease, which can diminish sexual pleasure with your partner or on your own. Vaginal dryness (vaginal atrophy), burning and itching often accompany menopause. This can cause discomfort, or even pain, during sex. Despite these symptoms and complications, there are ways you can create a pleasurable sexual experience. 

How to Have Good Sex After Menopause

There are multiple things to try when it comes to improving both your sex drive and sexual experiences during menopause.

Look into estrogen replacement therapy with your doctor. Escalated estrogen levels create an increase in sex drive and blood flow to the vagina. This not only allows for more desire for sex, but also creates a more normal amount of lubrication in the vaginal area which, in turn, lends itself to comfortable sex. 

If hormone therapy isn’t right for you, sexual lubricants are a great way to minimalize the pain that vaginal dryness causes during sex. Water based lubricants are the best option if you choose to use a condom during sexual encounters. 

Try new things on your own or with your partner. Sometimes introducing a new element into your intimacy can help aid in discomfort by sparking pleasure. Some things to try:

  • Erotic videos or books can change up the routine and create an exciting new element
  • Distractions such as​​ TV, music, videos, or fantasies can help ease anxiety surrounding sex and create a relaxing environment
  • Try out self or partner massages and other sensual acts in foreplay
  • Create an environment of safe communication between you and your partner

The Best Sex Positions for Comfort During Menopause

While there isn’t a single sexual position is going to work for everyone, there are some positions that might be more comfortable than others, particularly for women going through menopause. 

The number one rule when it comes to sex during menopause is to listen to what your body is telling you. Everyone is different and these positions can be modified or changed to fit you best!

  • Getting on top is a great position if you are the person in the relationship who prefers being penetrated. It allows for a lot more control of depth and pace so you choose your comfort level.
  • Oral sex is another great option for menopausal women who might not be interested in penetration. It’s also a good reminder that sex can look how you and your partner want it to.
  • Standing sex - especially from the back - is another great position to try. Both depth and pace can be easily controlled and it allows freedom of the hands for extra stimulation.
  • If you like laying on your back during sex, that’s an option too, just with a little modification. Putting a pillow under your lower back will align your pelvis toward your partner. This will allow for more comfort and easier penetration. 


While these are just a few suggestions of the best positions, it’s once again important to listen to what your body is comfortable with. 

Products to Increase Sexual Satisfaction

Rosebud Woman products are tailored to all women no matter which stage of life they are in. Some products that are great for helping sexual comfort are:

  • Honor Everyday Balm - If you’re looking for an effective daily moisturizer to boost vaginal skin density and assist with lubrication, look no further. Honor Everyday Balm is the perfect solution for comfortable sex and reduced dryness. 



Know Yourself  

There are many different options for solutions when it comes to menopausal sex. Knowing what works for you is the best thing you can do for yourself. No one is going to go through anything in exactly the same way. Stay true to what works for you and talk to your doctor about your concerns. 

*This post does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.*