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18 Beauty and Wellness Products We’re Excited to Try in 2021

18 Beauty and Wellness Products We’re Excited to Try in 2021

The Everygirl reviews our Honor Everyday Balm product!

Honor Everyday Balm Honor Everyday Balm

"We’ve all spent time, energy, and money on skincare for our face since we were preteens, but what about skincare for our vaginas? Between friction-causing sex, lacy thongs, and period products, the sensitive skin around this area deserves some major TLC. This clean balm from Rosebud Woman is a luxe formula designed to nourish intimate skin on a daily basis as a self-care ritual. The luscious balm-to-oil melts upon application, thanks to a blend of replenishing oils, and all-natural ingredients like chamomile soothes to heal thin or dry skin tissues. This isn’t just a lotion or lubricant; it’s a daily treatment meant to be applied everynight before bed. The plant actives work overnight to treat skin for maximum nourishment. Bonus tip: since you need to massage so the balm melts into the skin, that means you get a good 10-15 minutes of “play time” every night. If that’s not worth the price alone, IDK what is! 2021 is the year of personal sexual wellness, starting with this genius product"

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