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Binto: The Medicine Cabinet Interview with Christine Mason

Binto: The Medicine Cabinet Interview with Christine Mason

BINTO: Can you give me a quick description of what you do?

I run an intimate wellness company (Rosebud Woman) and a yoga and meditation center in Hawaii, and write books, offer guided meditations and lead seminars on finding inner freedom. Plus, I’m the mama of an enormous family, which, even though they are grown, is definitely doing something.

BINTO: What is your elevator pitch for Rosebud Woman? What makes it unique?

We are a completely plant-based effective line of vulvar and intimate care moisturizers, stimulants and various other self-love offerings with somewhat of a cult fanbase! We wanted to make everything about the line positive, radiant, and beautiful!

BINTO: Was there an “aha” moment that made you realize it was time to launch Rosebud? What was it? 

Seeing how many women were suffering from body image issues and lack of body love… and how many had real discomfort from dryness and irritation or just suboptimal sensual and sexual lives. I knew that plants and attitude shifts could dramatically impact this for the better.  

BINTO: How do you channel your own ideas about wellness into your work?

We’re humans when we go to work, all the things that show up in our personal lives will get triggered at work too, and my biggest thing about wellness is mental wellness and equilibrium. I believe we are nature, and that living unapologetically in these bodies is our birthright, that any acculturated shame or blame that results in withholding love, or being tight or being defended can be released. That any amount of increased freedom in ourselves ripples out to the world. So movement, meditation, thankfulness, service, good clean eating- these help me keep my slate clear and show up for the people on the team and our customers with an open heart.

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