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Is Intimate Wellness the New CBD?

Is Intimate Wellness the New CBD?

"Just a few years ago you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting the latest incarnation of a CBD beauty and wellness product. To say the calming, soothing ingredient was trending is an understatement. Right now, we’re amid a sexual wellness revolution, as vibrators, vulva creams and libido-boosters are being sold in the wellness category at Ulta and Sephora alongside face oils, gua sha stones and bath bombs. Sexual wellness is the new 'feel good now' category that is blowing up just as fast as cannabidiol-based products did a few years back.

According to a recent 'Global Sex Toys Market Report,' the global sexual wellness market is expected to grow to $43 billion by 2025. “The sexual health market is booming recently, largely due to a younger generation of liberal-minded individuals willing to be vulnerable and honest and talk openly about one of the core pillars of human wellbeing,” says bido supplement co-founder Andreas Wikborg. 'There’s been a generational shift, especially in the western world, where we are encouraging people to talk about previously taboo and stigmatized topics and bring them to light.' 

According to Rosebud Woman founder Christine Mason, we can also thank technology for giving us more visibility into what people are looking for. 'When we look at search data for intimate and sexual health, we see that the need is great,' explains the feminine wellness brand owner. 'The data has been key in convincing buyers and retailers to take a risk on a new category. Women want solutions for things like dryness, irritation, perineal care, sexual pain, arousal support and so much more. They want to know more about the normal cycles a female body goes through.'”  Click here to read the full article at New Beauty