Let’s Get It On: Natural Condom & Organic Lubricant Brands (Featured in Organically Becca)

"It’s no secret that our private parts are very sensitive areas of our bodies. And for us ladies, the vagina is actually a veryyyyyyy absorbent and delicate area. So it’s extremely important that we’re using natural products without harsh chemicals. Now let’s get it on! (with the blog post, I mean…)"

"Right now, the Food & Drug Administration doesn’t typically require testing of personal lubricants for us humans. Let that sink in! Aside from that, some nasty ingredients you might find in conventional lubes: synthetic fragrance, parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, synthetic colorants/flavors. A lot of these can throw off pH balance, too."

"Rosebud Woman Arouse Stimulating Serum: Definitely a luxury oil! But it has lots of natural ingredients like maca, ashwagandha, and musk rose oil. It’s designed to generate feelings of suppleness, warmth, and tingling around the intimate area. [$75]"


Natural Organic Lubes


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