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From Forbes

Francis Ford Coppola Goes From Wine To Weed With New Cannabis Lifestyle Company

When Christine Mason was developing her new intimate skincare brand Rosebud Woman, she looked up the word “vagina” in the Urban Dictionary, where she came across more than 760 terms for female genitals, most of them derogatory.

Coppola and Humboldt Brothers celebrated the launch of its collaboration at a special edition of The Herb Somm’s Thursaday Infused dinner series at a private residence in San Francisco on October 25. Selling out in just hours, the evening featured canna-chef Holden Jagger’s inventive, infused cuisine along with a showcase of additional brands including Kurvana, Utopia and Rosebud WomanJamie Evans, the woman behind The Herb Somm, first met the Coppola team last August while speaking at the Wine & Weed Symposium in Santa Rosa.