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From Refinery29: 10 Sexy Gifts for Your Partner

From Refinery29: 10 Sexy Gifts for Your Partner

10 Sexy Gifts For Your Partner

It’s that time of year again: People are busily browsing for the perfect gift for their SO. If it feels like you’re looking in vain, might we suggest the gift of pleasure? Sometimes a sexy gift can go a long way. Not to mention that these particular presents are something you can both enjoy.

In this sensual gift box, you’ll receive a jar of Honor Everyday Balm, which helps heal, repair, and moisturize your intimate parts after shaving, sex, or just because you’re into that self-love. You’ll get some Soothe, Calming Cream, made with with Arnica, Calendula, Comfrey that comfort skin and the Stimulating Serum, for a jolt of energy to your clitoris before sex.

Lastly, Refresh Cleansing Spray blended with tea tree and lavender to keep unwanted or excess bacteria away from your previous vulva and vagina.