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Press: Tiffany Diamond

Press: Tiffany Diamond

Rosebud Woman:
Keep your Vagina Healthy and Happy

Rosebud Women asked me to try their new vaginal skincare products complimentary. I said yes because it fits right in with my style! I talk about sex a lot which means I’m always on the lookout when it comes to self-care products geared towards women. Especially when enhancing the sexual experience or vaginal health. 

A lot of women look for products geared to keeping their vagina healthy. Whether moisturizing, calming, keeping the pH balanced or having it smell like roses. Rosebud's Ritual Travel Kit covers feeling good before, during and after sex. Their products are 100% natural ingredients with no synthetics. This is important to me! Always find natural products when it has to do with any of your downtown areas.

Rosebud Woman products are all about vaginal care. Because you’re beautiful and it’s smart to take care of your vaginal health. Also, keeping it real, sometimes after a marathon session of sex it’s nice to pamper yourself. Your vagina will thank you.