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The Best Gifts for New Moms

We're honored that babylist included our Anoint Body Love Gift Set in their list of top gifts for new moms. Here's what they have to say! 

"A gift for a new mom should be just that—for the new mom. It can be tempting to buy something for the baby and call it “a new mom gift” but a better approach is to consider the person, not the mom, when selecting a gift.

Consider items for the home, like elevated loungewear and accessories to replace or upgrade things that have gotten ruined while caring for an infant. Personal care gifts, like a really great back support pillow or cooling face roller that can make daily life more comfortable—literally!—for a new mom, or problem solvers like Stasher reusable snack bags and ice cube trays that make water bottle-shaped ice, are another way to make her feel special and understood.

Ahead, we’ve picked out 30 gift ideas for new moms that are equal parts practical and luxurious at every price point to fit every holiday gift budget."Read the full article here! 

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