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The Origin Story: Featured Interview in Navago with our Founder

The Origin Story: Featured Interview in Navago with our Founder

This excerpt is from a longer interview over on Navago. 


Tell us about the journey that led to the creation of Rosebud Woman.

Christine: Well, I love women, and plants and sensuality, so Rosebud Woman feels like a natural extension of those things. I’ve been through a lot of phases in my life: tech CEO, yoga and tantra teacher, and most of all, mother. I have 4 biological adult children (and now a grandchild!), and 2 daughters I co-raised for a decade.

My own mother died when I was young, and I was raised primarily by my father who was a very analytical, linear man, a very ‘yang’ man and I copied him- going to business school and mastering traditional masculine values.

By my mid-thirties I found that I was increasingly pulled to the more ‘yin’ side of things – receptivity, harmony, creativity and passion, areas that I had been neglecting.

Navago: And where did that lead you?

Christine: From that point I was drawn to yoga, dance, meditation and re-connecting with the Earth. I started a ‘vision quest’, to recalibrate my life. During that time it became clear that my purpose on Earth was to work toward less suffering, and more joy. Everything I’ve done since has met those criteria.

I started investigating the questions of “why are we lonely, disconnected, violent?” and writing books on those topics. I discovered that so much suffering is connected to ‘shame’, ‘lack of transparency’ and ‘repression’. For women, this is also tied to body denial - trying to fit into a preconceived idea of what is beautiful - or being uninformed on vital aspects of their intimate lives, as well as questions on sexuality and reproduction.


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