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Think Dirty International Women's Day 2020 Interview

Think Dirty International Women's Day 2020 Interview

In 3 sentences please share your founding story (i.e. what inspired you to start your business.)

I wanted to create beautiful formulas to enhance intimate joy and comfort to women around the world, and to support all stages of our sensual sexual and reproductive lives. The products are delivered along with clear messages of self-love, no shame, and celebration of the female body. We’re normalizing a conversation and mainstreaming a category that’s been too long ignored!

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

IWD has focusing power- it’s one day where we can all get on the same page regarding the status of women in civil society- celebrating the advances we’ve made and acknowledging how far there is to go. It’s important to see this across the planet: across nationality, race, religion, class. This way we can craft inspired solutions to work through the other 364 days of the year.

How do you empower your team when facing an issue?

We just talk. Everyone on the team is emotionally intelligent, tolerant, optimistic, kind and committed. When things come up, we check our higher purpose and mission and act accordingly. Small and mighty!

Please share the one accomplishment you are most proud of.

30 years of yoga and consciousness practice have given me the sense that I’m never really the one “doing” anything- just a channel. I’m amazed at life more than proud- incredibly grateful to have the chance to be a parent, author, activist and inventor. But mostly I’m just happy to be alive, living from love.