Vogue: A New Frontier for Self-Love—And Sex Toys—in the Time of COVID-19

April 14, 2020

"This is not the story I expected to write. When I first conceived this piece, I figured it would be a jaunty narrative about the re-branding of female sexuality as part of the wellness movement, and the ways a new generation of female-led companies producing beautiful sex toys and luxurious personal lubricants were aiding this shift. I had planned to write about the history of the sex positivity movement, and recent updates in our understanding of, and our conversations about, the clitoris and how it works; then, in order to demonstrate the increasing use of sex tech in couples’ play, I’d dish on my own “fieldwork,” road testing a bunch of the new products with my boyfriend. “Sounds exhausting,” he commented, a little unhelpfully, at the time. This was February. As a huge care package of, er, research materials arrived at my apartment in New York City, Italy confirmed its third case of coronavirus. I did not—at first—seize the connection between these two events...."

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