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Wired names Rosebud Woman's Honor Everyday Balm "The Best Luxury Lube"

Wired Magazine Selects Honor Balm as its Best Luxury Pick

Thank you for Wired for singing our praises. Read what they have to say here.

The Best Lubes for Every Occasion

For the most sensitive parts of the human body, friction is the enemy. Here's how to keep it at bay...  I'LL SCREAM IT from the mountaintops as many times as I have to: Your bedroom should have a bottle of lube! Ideally more than one. Whether you're flying solo or with a copilot(s), too much friction is a bad time for everyone. Even if it doesn't seem like you need a lubricant, you'd be better off using a little just to protect yourself from chafing and micro-tears on sensitive tissues.

We've tested a handful of different kinds of lube, and below you'll find our top recommendations. Be sure to check out our Best Sex Toys and Best Vibrators guides for more picks.

What Wired has to say about Rosebud Woman: 

"The Luxury Pick
Rosebud's Honor lubricating balm is unusual. It starts out very thick, but once you start applying it, the balm melts into a moisturizing oil-based lube that feels like giving your most intimate parts a spa treatment. You can even use it as a massage oil!"