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Episode # 130: Being the Love that You Are with Patrick Connor

Episode # 130: Being the Love that You Are with Patrick Connor

Hi Rosies,

Today we have the joy of introducing you to the wisdom-rich (and very funny) Patrick Connor, who offers guidance derived from his decades-long enlightenment journey. From an upbringing in London to traveling the globe, spanning disciplines as diverse as cellular biology to ancient wisdom traditions, his seeking ultimately led to a deep collaboration with advanced adepts in South India. In this episode, listen in as we explore Patrick's insights on mastering oneself, embracing joy, and shifting perspectives to live better together.

In this episode, we cover the following: 

  • [00:00:00]: Patrick on the importance of becoming Love
  • [00:00:26]: Introduction to the episode and meeting Patrick for the first time, sharing interests in Indian philosophy and spirituality
  • [00:03:42]: Difference between wisdom and knowledge
  • [00:06:38]: The importance of mastering oneself in service of freedom and listening to the body’s guidance
  • [00:11:18]: The connection between joy and how insights often arise when one is in a state of joy rather than stress
  • [00:15:00]: The concept of the "original bargain" with the family of origin
  • [00:20:38]: The conditioning of limitation and lack and the importance of shifting one's perspective 
  • [00:22:23]: The process of removing parentalizing of divinity and opening oneself to divine assistance
  • [00:27:57]: The impact and limits of traditional prayer practices
  • [00:31:03]: The hierarchy of piousness and limitations associated with certain spiritual identities
  • [00:33:25]: The importance of humility and receptivity to guidance in spiritual growth
  • [00:36:20]: Thoughts on parenting and avoiding passing on negative experiences to children
  • [00:42:17]: On aging gracefully and finding radiance beyond societal norms
  • [00:48:55]: The importance of self-love, becoming love and inner strength in radiating beauty and positivity
  • [00:51:01]: The dynamics of building a community around spiritual teachings, focusing on openness and inclusivity
  • [00:56:10]: Appreciations
  • [00:57:28]: An invitation to become a blessing field 
  • [01:01:24]: Outro

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