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Episode #132 on the Rose Woman Podcast with Spring Washam on Finding Your Fierce Heart

Episode # 132: Finding Your Fierce Heart with Spring Washam

Spring Washam is known for her pioneering work in mindfulness-based meditation. As a teacher, healer, and author, Spring shares insights into the interconnectedness of spiritual paths and the power of love as a measure of spiritual maturity.

In this episode, we cover the following:

  • Realization of her spiritual calling

  • On practicing Buddhism

  • Willing Apprenticeship 

  • Jack Kornfield as a Mentor

  • The path of the heart and perfecting love

  • Practical Buddhism

  • Inner work

  • Collective excavation of the shadow

  • Radical Honesty and Self-Responsibility

  • The unexpected journey into The Dharma of Harriet Tubman

  • Plant medicine and its integration with spiritual practice for trauma healing

  • Creating Safe Spaces for Healing

  • Embodying Love and Commitment

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