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Episode #23: Would You Hire a Sexual Healer? with Guest Adam Hunter Bauer

Episode #23: Would You Hire a Sexual Healer? with Guest Adam Hunter Bauer


Episode Overview

We get help from a lot of experts when there’s a problem or a challenge in our lives- chiropractors for the back, therapists for our emotions, accountants for our finances- but what do you do when your particular concern is sexuality- a topic that is still shrouded in taboo? If you can’t experience arousal, or orgasm, or don’t know how your body (or your lover’s body)  works,  would you be willing to get some coaching? Would you hire a sexual healer? And, what is a sexual healer anyway?

My guest today is Adam Hunter Bauer, who’s been committed to healing through many modalities, including sacred sexuality for almost forty years.  Now, there are a lot of flavors of people who do sexuality coaching, sexual surrogacy, or sex therapy out there- and we are about to learn some of the differences. In this episode, he opens up about the tender task of helping women and couples feel and connect in this vital realm. 

Sexuality is a vital part of life for all but the few truly by-design asexual people.  For most of us, it’s an area of connection, joy and pleasure that we can tap into our whole lives long.

A sexual healer might help you connect with your body, connect with your breath, unwind old stories,  heal trauma in the body, explore new ways of touching and being present, and see what opens up for you. 

And, possibly, no matter what our mothers might think, we might reach out to someone who’s devoted a part of their lives to gaining knowledge to help us out here- dakas, dakinis, sex therapists, sex surrogates or sexual healers.

We cover:

  • Marketing Body Shame
  • Healthy Sexual Conversations
  • Transformational Bodywork
  • What a sexual healing session might look like
  • Identifying a healer with clean energy
  • Cultivating discernment
  • Seeking sexual help while in a relationship

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