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Episode #28: Nicolle Hodges, Sexual Debut: Revisiting the Virginity Story

Episode #28: Nicolle Hodges, Sexual Debut: Revisiting the Virginity Story

Guest Bio:

Nicolle Hodges is a journalist and author- her first book- on orgasm, Dr. Seuss style “Oh, the Places You’ll Go Oh Oh”. She is the founder of Girls Who Say Fuck, an incubator for ideas that instigate change, including the wildly popular campaign to rebrand virginity to sexual debut. Recently, Nicolle launched a series of workshops and online gatherings to teach women the basics of BDSM power dynamics. She is the founder of Men Who Take Baths -- a men's mental health movement that's transforming the culture of masculinity from the bath. 

She studied broadcast journalism and communications at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and was an on-air talent and producer at CTV Vancouver until 2018. During her tenure at CTV, she reported from Lesbos, Greece, where she started an art camp for kids at the peak of the refugee crisis. When Nicolle left her career in television, she began telling stories from the frontlines of cannabis legalization in Canada as the culture editor of Herb—the largest cannabis publication in North America. She continues to work on the vanguard of drug policy and culture as an independent journalist for Double Blind and an on-camera host for The Dales Report, where she interviews the top CEOs of emerging psychedelics companies. 

In fall 2021, Nicolle begins her BA in Psychology at York University. She is simultaneously pursuing a certification in nonviolent communication, as well as somatic sex educator training. She currently lives in Toronto with her hairless cat, Brain (not Brian). To follow Nicolle’s adventures, and read the stories that come of it, find her on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Sexual Debut and Men Who Take Baths:

Sexual Debut is a campaign to reframe the word "virginity" so young women don't begin their sexual journey at a deficit, feeling like they have lost or given something up. Your sexual debut can happen many times, in many ways, and at any age -- it doesn't have to be your first time doing something, but it is a pinnacle moment that you felt most like you in relation to your sexuality. That's a cause for celebration -- and there should be cake! Men Who Take Baths is transforming the culture of masculinity from the bubble bath. 


In this episode, We Cover:

  • Nicolle’s story and her pursuit of reconnection
  • What is “Sexual Debut”?
  • How does it differentiate from losing virginity?
  • Reactions and responses from the Public
  • On immersing with “Men Who Take Baths”
  • Finding what is your genuine desire and pleasure
  • Starting conversations with “The Orgasm Book”

Helpful links:

@girlswhosayfuck Instagram | @sxual.debut Instagram

  • - Men in bubble baths are interviewed about what it means to “be a man.” 

@menwhotakebaths - Twitter | Instagram

 @theorgasmbook - Twitter | Instagram


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