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Episode #31: Healing Collective Trauma - Part 1

Episode #31: Healing Collective Trauma - Part 1


Welcome to the first part of a special series on Healing Collective trauma, join the Rose Woman, Christine as she shares her training, experiences, and insights on Collective Trauma. We dive and reflect into understanding the trauma healing collective process and learning more about ourselves, our consciousness, and how it manifests with the people around us. Tune in as we contemplate on the ideas, studies, learnings from history and guide you on collective healing.

 In this episode, we cover:

  • Basic Principles of collective trauma and collective healing
  • How do Individual and Shared trauma differ and how it impacts people
  • The difference with shock and developmental trauma
  • Thomas Heubl on Healing Collective Trauma 
  • Trauma adaptation effects inside of us and overtime
  • What is involved with healing?
  • Understanding and applying the Polyvagal Theory by Stephen W. Porges
  • The exponential process that can lead to collective awakening
  • Learn and practice somatic psychotherapy 
  • Comparing photon avalanche phenomenon in our daily lives

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