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Episode #34: Kathleen O'Brien - The Right to Grow Old

Episode #34: Kathleen O'Brien - The Right to Grow Old

At this very moment, no matter where we are, we all have one thing in common, from the moment we are born, the reality is we are getting older. Aging is a natural process that we need to understand, embrace, celebrate and enjoy. 

In this week’s episode, we are going to talk about Aging, what is it mean now and a new book “Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old” by Author and Aging Philosophy Teacher Kathleen O’Brien. Join us, as she imparts her wisdom, philosophies, and experiences on growing old and happy.

Kathleen is a former Fortune 100 media broadcaster, video production company owner and has taught media relations at two top-tier graduate schools of business around the country. She currently teaches aging philosophy through the University of Denver's continuing education program. Her new book “Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old” is one-part manifesto, one-part field guide to ditching youth obsession and embracing aging with style, class, and a lot of laughs.   


In this episode, we cover:

  • Aging in different societies and cultures
  • Kathleen on her new book “Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old”
  • How did retired people handle their financial security
  • How to accept Aging as a natural process
  • The difficulties on the aging process
  • On changes in relationship, sexuality and sensual desires
  • How her new book is received to the public
  • Spirituality of Age


Helpful Links:

  • Kathleen O’Brien - Author of “Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old” and Lecturer at the University of Denver, continuing education program (OLLI). Facilitates classes on aging based on research into ancient and enduring societies that honor elderhood.
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