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Episode #89: Fresh, Wise, Fully Alive: The Modern Elder with Chip Conley

Episode #89: Fresh, Wise, Fully Alive: The Modern Elder with Chip Conley


Joining us today is Modern Elder Academy’s founder, Chip Conley. Their purpose is to build a community of inspired and empowered midlifers. Chip shares his vision and wisdom for people to be curious in still learning and finding their purpose.


In this episode, we cover:

  • The Modern Elder Academy
  • What is the Metabolized Experience?
  • Thoughts on the relationship to Aging
  • Programs to try in the Academy 
  • New book: Learning to Love Midlife
  • Changes in the brain as we age
  • Co-founders in MEA
  • Tips on how to cultivate curiosity

    Quotes from the Conversation:

    On Life Stages

    "You could be moving locations, you could have a newfound spiritual or religious awareness that actually starts to creep in in this era. These are the things that happen. So there's so many transitions that are happening. This is why we call this adolescents now. Adolescents is, you know, like the, it's the life stage in between childhood and adulthood, and middle essence is the life stage between adulthood and elderly"


    On Time Affluence

    "65% of the people who come to MEA are women. So there's a growing community of women who are asking themselves, how do I do my fifties differently than I've done any other decade of my life or sixties. I think that this idea of freedom and maybe even some time affluence, we know what time poverty is like, but time affluence is a real opportunity."

    On Chip's favorite decade

    "I'm 62 now. My fifties was by far my favorite decade of my life. On the other side of 50, you know, I would enjoy it that much. So that's great. And I would just say for a lot of people who are sort of looking at this, Just know that one of the things that happens in this era of midlife is you have the opportunity to start editing. The first half of your life is about accmulating. The second half of your life is about editing, and the key is to start looking at what is not working in my life that I need to edit."

    On Curiosity

    "Curiosity is like the elixir that creates the creativity and innovation. So curiosity often means asking bigger questions."


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