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Episode #94: Intimacy for Earthlings with Special Guest, Dessy

Episode #94: Intimacy for Earthlings with Special Guest, Dessy

Stories, Ecopsych, Leading from Love, and Ni Komaing Desiani (Dessy) from Bali 

Join Christine in this episode on reconciling with our earthling selves, letting ourselves be enveloped by the Gaiasphere, and the link between the personal and the planetary.

We talk about how psychology as we know it has put far too much emphasis and pressure on the interior self and left the interconnecting field and ecology of the collective out of the picture, and how changing that can make all of us more sane and healthy. We talk tenderness, wonder, awe, Hippocrates, Balinese indigenous farming rituals, practices for reconnecting, the new animism and more.

Special Guest: Traditional Rice Farmer and Educator Ni Komaing Desiani (Dessy) from Klungkung province in Bali

Mentioned in this episode: 

  • Reese Jones
  • Berend von Maydell
  • John McCaull
  • Julian McCaull and Environment Magazine
  • John McClellan
  • Theodore Roszak
  • John Seed
  • Joanna Macy
  • Connor Sleeper
  • Breast Cancer Prevention Partners
  • Rosebud Woman
  • Cleaner Beauty Bill

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