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  • Full Body Gua Sha
  • Full Body Gua Sha
  • Full Body Gua Sha

Full Body Gua Sha

74 ml / 2.5 oz.


Full body gua sha works on fascia, circulation, and energy flow. Our smooth, wooden gua sha instrument is easy to grasp and made of lightweight beech wood — the perfect complement to our Anoint Nourishing Body Oil.


How to do a body gua sha treatment:

Before starting the gua sha treatment, ensure your skin is clean and well-moisturized to facilitate smooth movements. Apply a generous amount of a lubricating agent, such as oil or lotion, to the area you plan to treat. It not only prevents excessive friction but also nourishes the skin. Hold the tool at a 15 to 45-degree angle to the skin.

Starting from the neck and shoulders, begin at the neck, using the curved side of the gua sha tool. Starting from the base of the neck, sweep upwards towards the jawline, applying moderate pressure. Repeat this motion 5-8 times before moving on. For the shoulders, start from the top and scrape towards the arm, following the natural contours of the shoulder muscles. It's essential to apply pressure in one direction, avoiding back-and-forth motions. Redness is common after scraping due to increased blood circulation in the treated area.

Move downwards, treating the chest, abdomen, back, and limbs. For the chest, gently stroke from the center outwards towards the armpits. When addressing the waist, use sweeping motions from the center, moving outwards following the curve of the ribcage and down towards the hips. For the back, start from the base of the spine and move outwards towards the sides. Finally, for the limbs, use long, sweeping strokes. For the arms, begin at the shoulders and move downwards; for the legs, start at the thighs and move towards the feet.

After completing the gua sha treatment, rest and hydrate to assist in toxin removal and further enhance relaxation.

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