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Upgrade your internal operating system, and improve the relationship with your body! In each unit, you'll receive a chapter of the audiobook, an exercise and a writing prompt in your inbox. We'll be doing a weekly conversation online and discussions in our online group, too.

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    The high level topic and chapter audio for each unit are below. In your unit email, you'll get additional links, guided meditations and writing prompts, as well as downloads and resources twice a week for the six weeks.


    What were you taught about being a woman?


    What were you taught about your body?

  • 3

    What were you taught about periods, menopause, and birthing?


    What were you taught about sovereignty and desire and who owns your body?


    What were you taught about pleasure and enjoyment?

  • 6

    What were you taught about auto-erotica or self pleasure?


    How do you keep your body clean?


    How do you care for your own skin?


    How do you optimize supplements?


    How do you think of your body in culture, and change outer systems?