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* Important: The information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. All content—including text, graphics, images, and information—is for general information purposes only.


The vulva is the part of the female anatomy that includes all of the external components of the female genitalia, including the labia majora (outer lips), labia minora (inner lips), clitoris, the opening of the urethra, the opening of the vagina (internal female sexual anatomy), and mons pubis. The opening of the vagina (internal female sexual anatomy), or the Vestibule, is sometimes included in this definition.
Vulvar skincare can be used to address various concerns, including dryness, resilience, redness, irritation and sensation. We believe in reverence for the feminine, at every stage of a woman’s life cycle—and that includes taking care of your most intimate parts. Many women feel that vulvar and vaginal issues are shameful, private, and dirty and don't talk to even their doctors about their intimate skin. We choose instead to honor and celebrate the feminine. Rosebud Woman vulvar skincare products are beautifully packaged, natural, and—most importantly—effective.
The vagina is the internal part of the female sexual anatomy. The vulva includes the external parts of the female sexual anatomy.
Self-care is the best care. When in balanced harmony with self and surroundings, women experience a beautiful flow of natural functions. However, from our experience of the cycles of life, things aren’t always in balance. More than 60% of women have a complaint about the skin quality of their vaginal region. This might include feeling, function, and/or appearance. We offer our products to create more beauty and joy (they really feel wonderful during application) and to reduce some everyday kinds of suffering—such as dryness, irritation, or discomfort after or during sex.
Yes, the vagina is self-cleaning. Soaps and other cleansers should never be used internally unless directed by your health care professional. The vulva (external) however, is not self-cleaning. The best way to clean your vulva is with plain, warm water. Refresh, our pure and gentle cleanser, was created to be used when you are unable to bathe or need a quick, refreshing pick-me-up. Refresh wipes are made to be used on the go. They are soft and strong, based on a bamboo cloth. They are also very nice as a cooling support, just put them in the freezer and then use as a compress.
Plant-based skincare means that the active ingredients in Rosebud Woman products are found in natural herbs, shrubs, trees, vines, and flowers. Our all-natural pharmacopeia includes powerful but gentle compounds that contain adaptogens, vitamins, antioxidants, and emollients.

We are fully transparent with our ingredients. Each product page will list complete ingredients and you can find out more on our ingredient glossary at
All of Rosebud Woman products are specifically designed for and are safe for, external use. But as some products may migrate due to viscosity or during sex, some internal contact may occur. This is safe and should cause no concern.
Yes, all of our products are dermatologically and gynecologically tested and approved for external use.
Used as directed, our products are safe for all ages and cycles of womanhood. If you are pregnant or nursing, however, it is a good idea to consult with your physician, midwife, or RN.
Yes, you can use our products during menstruation.
Used as directed, our products are safe for all ages and cycles of womanhood.
Yes. Again, when used as directed, all Rosebud Woman products are safe for all ages and cycles of womanhood.
While not intended for ingestion, our products are safe for use during oral sex. Minor ingestion should not be harmful, but our more stimulating balms may cause a tingling sensation in the mouth.
Yes, you can use any of our products while taking antibiotics.
Yes, Honor and Soothe are especially helpful for easing itchiness and irritation, inflammation, and sensitive skin.
Latex condoms are weakened by all oil based products. We don't recommend use with latex condoms. Natural condoms are fine for use with oil based products.
We are a skincare and lifestyle company. While it is a well-known fact that many plants have medicinal properties, we do not make any claims for the treatment of any medical conditions. Always consult your health care provider for medical needs and information.
We cannot vouch for the ingredients in other brands, and therefore suggest that you read carefully all ingredients before combining Rosebud Woman offerings with any other brands.
Yes! Our products are designed to be used alone or together. To get the most out of the Rosebud Woman experience, indulge with our Ritual Discovery kit or Ritual Travel kit (if you aren’t quite ready to commit to full size!).


We are fully transparent with the ingredients we use. Each product page lists its complete ingredients. You can learn more by visiting our glossary

We have traveled around the world learning about the plants used for skin care and women’s health by numerous wisdom traditions. We are fully transparent, and you can find all of our products’ ingredients here
No, our products do not contain any petroleum or synthetic ingredients. All of our ingredients are naturally derived.
Our products do not have any added dyes. Any slight color occurs naturally from the ingredients and formulations we use.
Any aroma from our products is naturally derived from the active plants and flowers in our formulations. As a result, some products have a light scent, but there is no added fragrance.

Each product page lists a complete ingredient breakdown. For more information on our ingredient glossary. If you have any known allergy to certain aromas or plant ingredients, we suggest that you order the Ritual Travel Kit to test compatibility with your unique genetic makeup.
Yes, all of our products are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and approved for external use.
Each product page will list complete ingredients and you can find out more on our ingredient glossary
Our formulas are as vegan as possible. Our formulas are as vegan as possible. Refresh, Arouse, and Anoint are vegan and contain no animal products.

Soothe and Honor contain small amounts of high-grade, sustainably sourced beeswax, and therefore they are considered “Beegan.”
We use organic ingredients in our formulas whenever possible. We cannot, however, independently certify all of the ingredients as organic, because our provider aggregates oils from multiple farms in multiple countries. We pride ourselves on high quality and all-natural, identifiable ingredients.
We never test on animals and never will!

Our products are tested by a spectrum of humans in controlled environments. These include tests for safety, patch testing for irritation, and testing for the overall qualitative experience. We partner with Essex Testing to validate human skin responsiveness and safety.
Yes, our products are gluten-free. There are no grain products in our formulas, so there is no gluten.
The skin is the largest organ in the body. Molecules applied to the skin often enters the bloodstream, and sometimes also the organs. This is why we use nothing synthetic—we want a low body load. Many other product lines are made with less care and attention. They are often highly chemical (containing fake colors and scents, etc.), and can be disruptive to the endocrine and reproductive systems. Rosebud Woman is committed to using impeccable ingredients.

We have found the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database to be an invaluable resource for assessing the safety of products we put on our skin. We are not yet rated by Skin Deep but intend to be soon. Rosebud Woman is listed on the THINK DIRTY app, and is available at retailers with very green buying criteria, such as Detox Market.
Yes, our products are formulated, produced, bottled, packaged and shipped from southern California. Ingredients are sourced all over the world; some are grown in the United States. Our unit cartons come from the east coast, and our glass from Italy. Our sample kit components are made in Asia. Our tubes from Texas.

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We are currently awaiting our EU approval. The EU requires different labeling and testing than the United States, so we are required to undergo a separate approval process.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we are happy to accept returns for a full refund within 14 days of the delivery date of your order.

After 14 days and within 30 days, we offer returns in the form of store credit.

We do not accept returns after 30 days.

To start your return process, please email All items must be returned in their original packaging.
At this time we are unable to offer exchanges on products. If you would like to process an exchange, please return the original item(s) and place a new order.
Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel orders once they have been submitted through our website.
We do offer gift cards in $25 increments.
Yes, Rosebud Woman products can be purchased at one of our spa or retailer partners. Please use our store locator to search for a location in your area.
We may offer promo codes, gifts with purchase, or special discounts and bundles from time to time. Sign up for our email list to stay informed of any of our special offers.
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At this time we do not offer individual samples of our products. Consider purchasing the Ritual Travel Kit to experience all of our flagship products in smaller portions.

You can also use our store locator to find retailers that sell our products in-store to sample in person.
An online account is not required to place an order. If you do create an account, however, we will store your email, shipping and billing addresses, and payment details for faster checkout on future orders.

Product Details

Honor, Arouse, and Refresh (spray) are packaged in glass containers. Refresh wipes are individually wrapped in recyclable paper wrapping. The wipes are made of environmentally friendly bamboo. Soothe is packaged in a BPA-free plastic squeeze tube for the easiest application.

Rosebud Woman products are packaged beautifully—we want you to enjoy seeing them as much as you enjoy using them! They look lovely on a vanity, a bedside table, or beside a bathroom sink.
A few moments after applying Arouse to the skin, several of the plant extracts open the pores, which stimulates blood flow to the area. Spiranthes Acmella, one of the plants used in Arouse’s ingredients, activates natural lubrication. The sensation has been compared to tingling or effervescence, like champagne bubbles popping. Though the sensation soon fades, the slight plumping and lubrication of the skin remain. The sensation also brings attention to the area, which in itself enhances arousal.
No, Rosebud Woman products are skincare, not lubricants. Unlike a lubricant, Arouse is not ‘slippery’ — it is intended for external use and stimulates the vasodilation that makes this product so special. Part of our goal is to move care for the whole vaginome beyond the theatre of sexuality, and into the honoring realm of self-care as well.
While our products are not created for internal use, some serum may migrate on the skin due to viscosity or use during sex. When this happens, some internal contact may occur. This is safe and should cause no concern.
Soothe contains a high percentage of medical-grade Arnica, along with a specially crafted blend of other herbs that work to calm the skin. Soothe is also made with natural emollients, to cool and protect the skin.
Yes, our products are safe during oral sex for both the giver and the receiver. If you are lucky enough to enjoy oral sex after Arouse or any other Rosebud Woman product is applied to the vulva and vaginal area, you need not worry about any side effects or adverse reactions in your (or your partner’s) mouth. We’ve even added an all-natural sweetener to Arouse from an extract of licorice (though it has no licorice-like flavor) to ensure a pleasurable experience for everyone involved.
Yes! Due to the superior quality and efficacy of all our products, we encourage you to use them on any external body part you wish. We meticulously formulated each product to a very high standard for their intended use—on the vulvar area—they are safe for use on any external skin.

At home, we use our products in multiple ways. For example, Soothe is an incredible muscle rub. Refresh is a wonderful gentle cleanser anywhere on the body—even your face. Men have also used Refresh, particularly after playing sports or working out. We like to use Arouse on and around the lips for a quick tingle and plump, and on the fine lines near the eyes. Last, but definitely not least, Honor is fantastic for dry skin, making it a marvelous lip and cuticle balm. Honor also feels great on cracked nipples. It really is the perfect product for your nighttime ritual. As you use each product and get a better hand feel for each formulation, you’ll find numerous ways that they work best for you.
Arouse is a stimulant, so results may vary. Arouse should not be used on aggravated skin, open cuts or wounds, or if any sores are present.

Honor, Soothe and Refresh can be used on irritated skin, as they are formulated to treat just this type of issue.

If you are concerned about a reaction, please do a patch test prior to use in larger quantities.

The Company

We are! You can find us on Instagram & Facebook.
Please sign up for our blog on our website, under the “sign up to receive email” button found in the bottom right corner of the page.
Our book, ‘The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self,’ is a terrific resource for education about the female body through all of its lifecycles—as is our blog.
Our allies and Ambassadors are committed to sharing content and products, in exchange for affiliate revenues and audience sharing. The program has tiered rewards based on volume. Please reach out to if you are interested in becoming an Ambassador.
Rosebud Woman is owned by its founders and first employees, all who are passionate about elevating self-love, self-care, respect of the feminine, connection to our bodies, and plant wisdom.
A portion of our sales is devoted to our Reverence Fund. This fund donates to non-profit organizations committed to women’s welfare, including support of women’s economic empowerment and the prevention of and recovery from domestic violence. You can find more information about our current partners on the About Us page on our website.

What do Healthcare Professionals Say?

Many ob/gyn offices carry our products. Here are some testimonials from healthcare professionals that recommend them.

“I partner with and recommend Rosebud Woman because they create great products. I’ve worked with a lot of vulvar atrophy and vulvar dryness, and it really limits people’s sexual health—and your sexual health is a part of the rest of your health. It’s important for relationships, it’s important for hormone balance, it’s important for just plain pleasure, which I think we undervalue even from a health standpoint. Rosebud Woman products are very clean. I feel confident recommending them to my patients. I use them myself. I particularly like the Honor and Soothe—the one that’s a little calming for any type of minor vaginal irritation. Because sometimes in healthcare, we jump to the most intense solution—like giving someone vaginal estrogen, or lidocaine, or something that’s more intense than necessary. That can either tip the balance of the microbiota, so someone goes from being irritated to having zero sensation at all.

What I like is that there’s this middle ground of a clean, nourishing product that is not an endocrine disruptor, but like a little gentle step that also helps women take ownership of these issues without having to feel like they have to go to the doctor for everything. And the more we can empower women with tools that they can use for a little bit of moisture or a little bit of irritation support, rather than making it pathologic, is valuable. Especially because you can do that in concert with things like nutrition and pelvic floor exercise—practices that really women the ability to feel healthy in their pelvis and vulva/vaginal region the same way they would fine tune their workout routine, or how much water they’re drinking. Rosebud honor is my #1 most recommended vulvar-vaginal moisturizer for my clients with vaginal dryness, usually either in postpartum or perimenopause. It's my personal favorite moisturizer and lubricant. I like that it has a clean texture - not sticky! It's made with ingredients that are not hormone disrupting. And, it has a gentle scent. it's not too perfume-y. I use it myself, and can't recommend it enough!" - Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CCN, PT, Founder and CEO, The Integrative Women's Health Institute

“We've found the Honor balm to be an excellent product that supports the wellness of our female clientele. It supports vaginal health and tissue regeneration in a soothing and beautiful formulation that is good for all skin types. We have used it in conjunction with non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Patients report to us improvement in vaginal lubrication and an overall increased satisfaction with their intimate areas.”- Sonata Aesthetics

“I had an unfortunate and unexpected surgical complication this spring with was surgical menopause. I’m so glad I had the honor balm because while my estrogen levels were building from the bioidenticals the balm helped prevent a lot of dryness issues. It’s a great product.”- Dr. Sallie Sarrell, PT, ATC, DPT

“If you have a vagina- or vulva- you simply must try this incredible line of intimate skincare products! Add the honor everyday balm to your regular skincare routine and use the soothe calming cream for any kind of irritation or swelling. The wipes are great for general every day use in between workouts or on travel days. These products use super high quality ingredients and they smell so good!” - Nicole Jardim - The Period Girl , Certified Women’s Health and Functional Nutrition Coach
There are multiple kinds of skin in the pelvic basin.

As Harvard Health says, “You may routinely pamper your face and work hard to keep it moisturized and irritation-free, but what have you done lately for the more sensitive skin of your vulva, the external genital area surrounding your vagina?” The tissues of the vagina are made up of many layers of distinct epithelium called ‘strata’ and just like the body’s skin (the epidermis) the vaginal epithelium is differentiated to form a bottom or basal layer, a superbasal layer and a top or superficial layer called the stratum corneum (‘horny layer’) comprised of a flattened layer of keratinized cells – these nuclei-free, flattened dead cells that are what make our epidermis generally waterproof and resilient. Knowing about how these cells function helps explain why the tissues of the vagina are more permeable than any other skin on the body other than the mouth. Non-keratinized epithelia are generally more permeable to external substances. The vulva, just like oral tissue, clearly displays differences in structure and keratinization. Non-keratinized buccal mucosa – a.k.a. the soft inside lining of the cheek and mouth – shares many traits with the vaginal epithelium and is ten times more permeable to water alone than is keratinized skin.

The vaginal epithelium fluctuates in keratinization that is impacted by hormones and environmental factors during a person’s lifespan as well as each menstrual cycle and menopause. A healthy vaginal epithelium usually can fight off infections and invasive sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to note that the epithelium itself has no glands so there is no mucus secretion. The vagina usually maintains a certain minimum moisture level of about 1 milliliter of secretions that come from sources in the follicles, tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina and Bartholin’s and Skene’s glands. This base-level moisture is usually not enough lubrication for any vaginal penetration or movements therein to be painless.

The connective tissue right beneath the epithelium is filled with many elastic fibers and blood vessels that assist the exchange of fluid across the epithelium through what is essentially a ionic pump that, along with the plasma circulating around the area, helps the epithelium release and re-absorb just the right amount of fluid. An increase of fluid from these blood vessels is pushed through the capillaries due to high pressure within them and is mixed with cervical mucus and that is what provides lubrication during sexual arousal and intercourse. As arousal increases droplets of this viscous fluid join to form a slippery layer on the vaginal epithelium and in the process slightly decreases the acidity of the fluid that’s already present. During ovulation it is glycogen stored in the vaginal epithelium that peaks and later, as it breaks down, produces lactic acid; this shifts the pH of the vagina to more acidic levels that stop the growth of bacteria, fungus and other pathogens and also makes it a tougher environment for any sperm present to survive. Triggered by neural responses during arousal the blood supply to the vaginal epithelium increases and veins drain away the blood more slowly causing engorgement and even further enhances the permeability of the tissues.

Understanding the varying and cyclical sensitivities and permeability of the vaginal epithelium leads many to examine and question the use of ingredients in personal care products, topical and otherwise, and seek approaches that are natural and plant-based.
About 2.7 million women in the United States will have a vaginal birth in 2019, and another 1.3 million will have a C-section (more than 30% of all births- an astonishing percentage!)

For women having vaginal births, the perineal tear is real. In Homo sapiens, it's our big brains that make this happen! As the large head of a full-term human fetus passes through the pelvis, the soft tissues are both stretched and compressed. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) reports that first- and second-degree perineal tearing is the most common complicating condition for vaginal deliveries in the U.S.. More that 85% of women having a vaginal birth sustain some form of perineal trauma. About a third of woman have larger tears. These, and episiotomies (deliberate cutting), can make healing even more difficult.

What can be done? One thing that can help is perineal massage. Dr. Jessica Drummond, an integrative wellness physician who focuses on women’s health, says, “Perineal massage reduces the likelihood of perineal trauma (mainly episiotomies) and of ongoing perineal pain. As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I strongly recommend that women learn to perform perineal self-massage during the last few weeks of pregnancy, and then again postpartum once any tissue trauma heals and the skin is intact.” This is confirmed by a 2013 Cochrane Study, which suggests that massaging the perineum in the last few weeks of pregnancy can reduce the chances of having a tear or episiotomy during childbirth.
Most massage techniques involve having a woman (or her partner) insert one or two fingers into the entryway of the vagina and apply downward pressure or sweeping back and forth motions towards the perineum (towards the anus), for 7 to 10 minutes, a minimum of twice a week during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. Avocado or coconut oil are sometimes used as lubricants, although they can impact the Ph balance of the vaginome. You can use our Honor Everyday Balm, which is formulated with luscious plant ingredients and has 10 minutes of play value.

Tearing is no fun, no matter how small the injury. If you do get a tear, treat it with cold compresses or sit on ice packs (damp towels put in the freezer work wonders), rinse with a peri bottle of warm water after using the bathroom and keep the area clean with a gentle non-irritating toner (try our Refresh Cleansing Spray, which contains witch hazel and aloe as well as tea tree and clary sage). After toileting, another tip is to use a hair dryer on cool to make sure you get as dry as possible with no mechanical friction. Another helpful healing tip during the healing process is to recline whenever possible, without underwear, legs apart, and help the tender area receive light and warmth and dryness. You can also put our Refresh wipes in the freezer and use them as a cold compress. From 2 weeks postpartum, you can try our Soothe Calming Cream for reducing redness and swelling, and begin applying Honor balm to the healing tissues.

Bringing forth new life is an amazing, empowering process for which you are exquisitely designed. And it can come with discomfort. We can help with some of those discomforts in the skin of the greater vulvar region. No matter what your experience, be sure to talk to other moms and to your healthcare provider about ANYTHING that’s bothering you. Secrets can lead to suffering!

You are not unique in your discomfort and curiosities, and there are answers and tips available for anything you might be going through.


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