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Once you begin to love yourself, you start asking questions...

Once you begin to love yourself, you start asking questions...

Self-love and self-care are at the core of changing culture. Once we start valuing ourselves, enough to exercise and sleep and meditate and eat fresh food (and also to go to work unwinding the warped inner architecture and false beliefs about who we are), we might begin to notice that much of culture and economy is intent on preying on a person not feeling good enough; that work environments are intent on mining the individuals’ life energy to feed profits while ignoring well being; the lack of social support to just do the errands of life squeezes the time to just be and think into one half of a weekend day... the world defaults mentally and physically to cheap calories but no get it.

The great teacher and mystic Thomas Huebl says “your burnout is the planet’s burnout”... I’d extend that to self-care and self-love is the beginning of the world’s reset. I won’t burn myself out.

When we remember we are nature, to love our organism... it starts to awaken questions such as... why is the society and economy we’ve created predicated on exhaustion? How do we do it better? How do we awaken a connected loving future to each other and the rest of earth?

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But as long as we take things the way they are, keep agreeing to the hamster wheel, thinking we’re not worthy of free space and abundance, of both great work and rest, the culture will be made in that image.

So self-care and self-love aren't about bubble baths and indulgence, although there’s nothing wrong with those things, it’s about essential-ness.....spaciousness to remember the essence of who we are, that we are worthy, creative beings who are in response and choice, not drones living on repeat, in reactivity to the people around us or to the news cycle. That’s the kind of self-love that ripples out to loving relating and just culture.
Say yes to that innocent pure awareness inside of you, whether it’s a tiny dot or an all pervading presence. Say yes to yourself. Yes. I love you. Yes.

Happy Valentines Day!