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The Subtle Signs of Self Love: What it Really Looks Like

The Subtle Signs of Self Love: What it Really Looks Like

To live our fullest lives, we can’t hide from anything— especially our own bodies. When previously unloved aspects move from shadow into light, and we accept and love ourselves in the places there once was shame, an ease takes over us, a freedom. This isn’t age dependent! The sooner we get in touch with self-love, transparency and self-acceptance, the richer our overall quality of life will be. It’s never too early or too late.

Self-love can be simple. Treat yourself like you’d treat a lover! Wake up in the morning and touch your whole body. Give thanks for the mere experience of being alive, for another day on earth. Feed your body good food, take it for a good stretch and sweat. Take it out and play. Our motto is MORE JOY, LESS SUFFERING!

treat yourself

Honor your priorities as well. Learn to say “yes” with joy and “no” with a soft heart. If you haven't yet, learn to walk away from people who are yelling or screaming at you. Ask for what you want, clearly, but without expectation. Find your joy and what moves you and follow that compass, a little at a time if you need to—and then go at it full steam. That might mean a lot of hard, rewarding work to reach a place of mastery, or to create something impactful in the world, or it might mean living more slowly and quietly.

The point is: no one will give you permission to be your full self, no one can live your life for you. You are the decider for you! Even though we lean into community for mutual support and guidance, we each have our own unique life-print. Self love requires that we disentangle and claim the space to shine.