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Press: Integrative Women's Health Institute

Press: Integrative Women's Health Institute

Vulvar Moisturizers

Once the skin has healed postpartum, and for all women in perimenopause and menopause (generally age 35 and older), daily use of vulvar moisturizer is as nourishing and important as the use of a daily facial moisturizer. My favorite is Rosebud Woman Honor. This moisturizing balm uses the highest quality ingredients and the company is thoughtful about the impact of their processes and packaging on the environment.

 Using this balm as a daily or nightly ritual supports a physical and emotional connection to our own femininity. It’s nourishing to the delicate vulvar tissues. Plus, it works exceptionally well as a lubricant for sexual activity, even on more fragile tissues. Ideally, during sex, it would be used with gentle vulvar massage to stimulate natural lubrication in addition to the moisture provided by the balm.