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Love Your Mother Earth: Sourcing, Making and Packing Consciously

Love Your Mother Earth: Sourcing, Making and Packing Consciously

Rosebud Woman is dedicated to your health, and to harmony with our home planet: the source of all we know and love.  We offer items of the highest quality, made of wisely chosen and sustainably harvested plants and binders. We have been intent on being a clean and green business from the beginning, selecting our partners and vendors with care.

Our commitment include:

Full transparency on what’s in our products so you can decide what to purchase. See our booklet Plant Magic, a downloadable guide to our ingredients.

Nothing without a purpose. We formulate for effectiveness based on research data. All of our targeted ingredient selections are supported by 3rd party research to attain the desired outcome. 

Vegan or Beegan items. Using only plant- and bee-based elements reflects our fundamental trust in the Earth, and our conviction that the natural world holds a miraculous apothecary of calming, healing, and arousing gifts.

No petroleum products.

Cultural integrity. Whenever possible, we provide wisdom tradition attribution on the ingredients we use. 

Never tested on animals. We don’t test on animals, nor do our suppliers.

Allergy tested on humans. As part of our product development, we partnered with an independent firm to do a 90-day Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT), which conducted on sensitive areas of the skin. There were zero allergic reactions to any of our products reported in the tests. *People with known allergies should still consult our ingredient list and are advised to sample on the skin of the back of the knee or inner elbow to ascertain any negative reactions.*

Organic certified wherever possible.

  • Our production facility is organically certified by Stellar Certification Services and the USDA.
  • Our ingredients providers use primarily enzymatic and cold press extractions that give the highest active levels of desired molecules for formulation effectiveness.
  • We use certified organic extracts and extract blends in our products.
  • We select suppliers that support responsible and environmentally sound farming and harvesting practices, as well as native wildcrafters, both domestically and in developing nations.

Other Sustainability Commitments

In our packaging, we select suppliers with commitments to reducing waste and energy:

  • Zero Waste to Landfill unit carton provider.
  • Cartons are made with 100% renewable energy, with 25% generated from on-site solar arrays, by an  EPA Green Power Partner and the first carbon neutral packaging company in North America. 
  • Cartons are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and have the  Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certification.
  • We use all recyclable components: glass bottles, and recyclable tubes.
  • Our wipes substrate is OekoTex 100 Standard Certified, the highest green textile certification.
  • We use 3D printing (depository manufacturing) instead of molding, applique or casting on our lids, which reduces waste material significantly. 

As we grow and have more market leverage, we will invest in reducing component miles (how far components and ingredients have to travel), and provide further support to green growers and wildcrafters.

We can have beautiful things, and act beautifully in the process.

All love to our Mama earth.


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