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Body Love Special: Transforming the body relationship + body love journal relaunch

BONUS EPISODE: Body Love Special! Transforming the Body Relationship - Body Love Journal Launch

Today, we love to introduce to you the NEW *2023 Edition* Body Love Journal from @rosebudwoman 

Are your beliefs about your body helpful? Did you choose them or were they given to you? I invite you into a structured nine-week journaling process, beginning with intention setting, moving into seven themed weeks of inquiry, and closing with integration. Each day includes a journal prompt and a checklist of self-love and self-care suggestions.

Become content with the body, enjoying it and treating it right because it’s how you’d treat anything you love. Without body anxiety, mind space is freed up for a hundred other potential activities. One thing is true: bodies are miraculous. Our polymorphic diverse embodiment constitutes the beauty of the human species.

Unhelpful beliefs can be unwound.

The inquiry questions in the new journal are designed to help evoke and examine the cultural beliefs we’ve inherited about the body. They are questions about sex, shape, size, function, illness, and aging. About who your body belongs to, and who can make decisions about it. About what it can eat or drink or ingest. What medical procedures are allowed and disallowed—even about how your body should be dressed? We ask things like: “Is your body here to please others?” “How is a person's body related to a person’s worth?”

Body Love Journaling, and the suggested self-care practices in the checklists, are designed to support a reintegration: a restitching together of the body, mind, and spirit.

Thank you for considering this practice for yourself and as a gift to others.




In this episode, we cover:

  • What to expect in this 2023 edition
  • Journal's outline
  • Suggested self-care practices
  • Where to buy


Helpful Links:

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