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Episode # 129: Beyond the Narrow Life with Dr. Kile Ortigo

Episode # 129: Beyond the Narrow Life with Dr. Kile Ortigo

Let's step into the realm of existential exploration and psychedelic integration as we are joined today by Dr. Kile Ortigo, a clinical psychologist and CIIS-certified psychedelic psychotherapist. With a background in posttraumatic stress, substance use, and sexuality, Dr. Ortigo offers depth-oriented psychotherapy and integration services in Palo Alto and San Francisco through his Center for Existential Exploration. He brings a wealth of experience from training at esteemed institutions like Stanford, UCSF, and Emory-affiliated hospitals, where he directed a national technology-based implementation program for five years at the National Center for PTSD.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Ortigo serves on the advisory board of Psychedelic.Support and has authored numerous articles and chapters on personality, trauma, sexuality, technology, and psychedelics. He recently published "Beyond the Narrow Life: A Guide for Psychedelic Integration & Existential Exploration," offering a guided journey to explore intersecting themes of mythology, existential concerns, and psychospiritual development.

Dr. Ortigo's commitment to public education and professional training is evident through his role on the core training team at CIIS, where he moderates, consults, and mentors. It is a faculty member for the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies & Research certificate training program. Listen in, and let's dive deep with Dr. Kile Ortigo.

In this episode, we cover the following: 

  • Exploring existential questions, psychedelics, and parallels to mythology and the hero's journey.
  • How do new mythologies based on traditions differ from Western perspectives?
  • The importance of meeting individuals while they are on their journey.
  • Traditional psychology in understanding non-ordinary states of consciousness 
  • Evolving landscape of psychology and alternative ways of knowing
  • Intersection with science, spirituality, and consciousness exploration
  • Individuals seeking therapy, integration, and community support
  • Legal and ethical challenges in psychedelic therapy and addiction
  • Questioning societal frameworks and exploring the full spectrum of human experience
  • Importance of education and research in planning integration

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