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Episode #27:  Bea Arthur, Talk Makes All the Difference: Think Like a Therapist

Episode #27: Bea Arthur, Talk Makes All the Difference: Think Like a Therapist

Guest Bio:

Bea Arthur, LMHC is a Columbia University-trained psychotherapist and award-winning entrepreneur who works with high-performance individuals in high-pressure work environments. Her career took off at the intersection of psychology and technology and her third company, The Difference, provides on-demand access to therapy as a voluntary benefit.

Additionally, Bea was the first African-American female founder in Y Combinator, and was named an Entrepreneur to Bet On by Newsweek Magazine as well as one of Bumble’s Most Inspiring New Yorkers. She is an editorial contributor and in-house talent for Forbes Women, and also hosts the Sonos-sponsored therapy podcast, Bea The Change.


The Difference, Modern Mental Healthcare As a Voluntary Benefit

Teletherapy platform providing on-demand sessions for stress relief in real time, and easy access to human connection. Currently serving corporations via B2B2C distribution, and communities in need through Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships.


Because the right talk at the right time can make all The Difference.

Because it's time for a fair and modern mental healthcare exchange that democratizes distribution of this necessary service.  

Breaking and removing all barriers to entry with a low-friction, low-cost experience. This solves the accessibility equation for the masses and enables therapists to evolve and thrive in an environment that is calling them to the center stage. To enable them to serve the front lines with support and a diverse client base.


In this episode, we cover:

  • How The Difference started
  • Online Talk Therapy - how and why it works
  • Covid, turmoils, and depression
  • Talk therapy preparation and process in The Difference
  • Spirituality, Sensuality, and Sexuality
  • In doing something different


Remember you don’t have to do it alone.


Find Bea on Instagram as @bbarthur and Twitter as @BeaArthurLMHC

See the latest updates on The Difference on instagram and Twitter  @TheDifferenceAI

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